Written for all, from the perspective
of a First-Timer to Fist Fest.

Hello, My Name is Pup Kibbles. I’m a 23 year old, Vers-bottom Pup that is into fisting, bondage, spanking, and toys. Most of the time I enjoy laying around with my tail in and my hood on. I’m currently located in North Central Connecticut. You can find me on Recon, Asspig, Fetlife, and Twitter.

What to expect:

When I first arrived at Fist Fest, I didn’t know a single person. I knew people from their online profiles, and spent my first few hours trying to figure out what screen name went with each person’s actual name. Despite my fears, I was surprised by how friendly, welcoming and caring every single person at the event was. My biggest takeaway: The key to Fist Fest is to step out of your comfort zone and just introduce yourself to others. I made friends that will last a lifetime, and I look forward to seeing them at future events.

Another wonderful aspect of Fist Fest is the freedom of knowing you will not be judged for any reason. Still being new to the fisting community, my skill level as a bottom might not be as high as some of the others I played with, but they always understood that it takes time and practice, and that one day I will be there. They took it slow with me, and offered plenty of tips and tricks to improve my skills, not only as a bottom but also as a top as well. This put my mind at ease, knowing I was in good hands (no pun intended), and had nothing to worry about.

Other Thoughts:

Even though there is a schedule for the weekend, take things at your own pace. I would suggest for your first event, consider getting a room to yourself. This allows you to have a space to decompress, or just have some alone time. Another suggestion is to bring a close friend or companion along with you for support.

Find someone you trust or know and let them know where you are, and if they don’t hear from you they know to check in on you. Something I would suggest is reaching out to others beforehand. For example, having a chat group, a text friend, a neighbor, etc. just to have someone who keeps you in mind.

Additional Important Information:

What to pack

  • A power strip. Many of the outlets in the Executive Inn are not near the bed.
  • Lube (whatever type you prefer), but if you are flying, check all your baggage so you don’t have to deal with TSA. Also, remember that it’s good fisting etiquette (and safer) when bottoms bring their preferred lube.
  • A few Puppy Pads to get started. Hit the store on your way to Fist Fest. This will also allow more room in your luggage.
  • Only a select few toys. More likely than not, you will be playing outside of your room most of the time, and not carry your toys with you. I packed way too many and didn’t even use 90% of them.
  • Sunscreen & Aloe. This pale Midwestern pup got burnt because his skin was not ready for the Southern sun.
  • A few cute outfits (Just a few!). Again, I over packed on gear. Pick out two or three outfits to wear. Best outfit is a bulldog harness and a jock, and long socks for nighttime.
  • Tennis shoes & flip flops. I suggest wearing tennis shoes (or boots if you prefer) in the public play areas. (Actually, in the indoor spaces, footwear is required.)
  • Large pool size towel. Some towels are provided, but they are smaller in size.
  • Your happy & piggy self. Enjoy the weekend, step out and make new friends.

Tips & Tricks:

If you’re flying there. Check all luggage that contains any fetish gear. You will more than likely get a TSA inspection tag if you have toys or lube, but it saves the hassle at the security line and possibly having to throw it away.

If you’re bringing any sort of shower douche, pack tools to install it in your checked luggage. If you want to carry it on board with you, it must be under 7 inches in length per TSA rules & regulations. If you bring anything bigger, check your luggage to go below in the baggage compartment.

When you’re there. Drink plenty of water all weekend. Especially as a bottom, you will get dehydrated very quickly from the sun and play sessions. (Water is provided free of charge all weekend.)

Walmart sells 28 oz. squeeze bottles in the sports section. They work great! Easy to squeeze, great grip when lube covered and they are only about $1.75. So at the end of Fist Fest, throw them away and you don’t have to worry about taking them home.

Don’t forget to play nice! Be mindful in the public play area! Please clean up after your session, this includes making sure newspapers or pup pads are located underneath the play area to avoid someone slipping on lube or other liquids. Tops please help the bottom out of the sling or other stand and offer a courteous wipe as well, so they are not dripping lube everywhere.

Author: Pup Kibbles
Twitter: @Pupkibbles

Editor: Larry Shockey
Twitter: @fist_fest